Light Voice Manuals

Simplicity is the key to communication at all levels.  Sensory Rainbow is a sensory healing programme for children with complex needs.  The manual offers an innovative approach, encouraging communication through sensory stimulation, using energetic alignment, voice, music, colour, fragrance and creative play.  Through heightening sensory awareness, we gain an understanding of how working with the creative, intuitive aspects of the right brain positively affects communication.

The manual explains the dynamics of energy flow within the therapeutic relationship, to encourage counsellors and health care professionals to work in a different, more holistic way.  Incorporating energy alignment into the therapeutic process facilitates the release of negative emotion, held within the subtle energy system.  Sustained alignment practise strengthens the immune system and improves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Offers a holistic approach with clear and structured communication guidelines for children with special needs.   Children require an environment where music and sound play a key role.  Research has demonstrated that harmonious music aids listening, stimulates and enhances language development and creates a sharing environment to open the mind to new possibilities. 

An understanding of the power of words and clear communication improves the vocabulary and develops confidence in expression and interaction.  A connection to nature instils a sense of belonging and well-being, while opportunities for creative play and story- telling help to develop imagination and intuition. Evidential client stories are documented to demonstrate the healing impact of creative play

Toning is a powerful and ancient form of healing with the voice.  The manual introduces a breathing technique and a system of eight Rainbow Chakra Tones.  The breathing technique improves airflow, circulation and physical health to support the voice and prevent vocal strain.  Each chakra tone links to a specific anatomical area of the body. 

The Light Voice Toning System is for those wishing to improve life by using their voice more effectively.  The vibration of the Tone ripples through the body and subtle energy system surrounding it, drawing upon the body’s natural inbuilt systems of self-healing. The toning process strengthens and empowers the voice and aligns and balances the auric field , releasing held emotion and impacted memory.

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In this materialistic and robotic world, it is imperative to forge a closer connection with nature and the elemental world and to extend and open our channels of awareness to connect back to the primary spiritual source.  Ancient people recognised energy as a source of knowledge and harmony continually flowing to them from Father Spirit in the heavens and Mother Earth below, who nourished and sustained earthly life.

The system of seven Rainbow Planetary Tones will begin to open and clear the channels linking your physical body to the flow of energy from the corresponding forces below and above, which are flowing to you from the natural environment and the cosmos.

The teaching manuals are offered as free downloads in the hope that they will inspire and encourage you to explore your own creative potential.

Light Voice Manuals